Environmental Statement

The company is strongly committed to the provision of products from non controversial sources, and, wherever possible purchases from sustainable well mangered resources.

Our commitment to this policy is demonstrated through certification to  independent, auditable chain of custody certification FSC® and PEFC 

Carbon natural Policy

Firewood is possibly one of the most reliable sources of renewable energy for heating your home. Firewood is carbon neutral (in and of itself), it releases no more carbon into the atmosphere than it absorbed during the growth of the tree. If you source your fire wood) from a sustained source then the trees planted in replacement will absorb all of that carbon again.

Being fuel efficient

It is important that you only ever burn dry wood with a moisture content of less than twenty percent. Burning wood with a high moisture content causes pollution and builds up flammable resins in your chimney and is very inefficient.

FSC® certified products are available on request